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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January 31, 2010 Indiana Art Auction

Attendance appeared to be very good at the January 31, 2010 Jackson Art Auction held at their facilities in Indianapolis, IN. One hundred and one works of art, including a few pieces of Brown County Pottery, were up for sale to the highest bidder. Leading the auction was an Edward K. Williams 20x24 Oil on canvas winter scene that took the highest bid of the auction at $16,000 plus a 10% buyer's premium. Although the painting was not named by the artist, the composition was a winter scene with stream and distant hills in the background and was most likely Brown County.

Included in the auction were several paintings from the talented and sought after Brown County artist Claude Curry Bohm. A 24x30 oil on canvas fall scene called "Sunday Conversation" sold for $15,000. This painting was painted in the same technique as a similar painting that sold in the Wickliffe & Associates auction on
January 16th 2010 called "Sunday in Vermont . Due to the resemblance of the two painting, I believe the painting that sold at the Jaskson auction was also painted in Vermont. Although both paintings had churches as the focal point I could not say for sure they were of the same town although there we closely matched in appearance. A Bohm 22x28 oil on board called "Winter Greys" sold for $8,000 and a 12x16 oil on board titled "A Bright Morning" went to the hight bidder for $2,400.

A not so often seen, Dale Bessire 24x30 oil on canvas winter scene was on the auction block bringing $2,750. For the second straight Jackson auction a Glenn Copper Henshaw oil on canvas was up for sale. Painted in a style not typical of his pastels the 16x20 vivid summer landscape sold for $4,500. As with most auctions there was several Will Vawter Gouache's depicting the illustrations used in the James Whitcomb Riley books. In addition, a nicely done Vawter, 14x17 oil on board, sold for $3,750 that was very clean and in a nice frame.

Overall, 20% of the paintings sold for $1,000 or more with the remaining 80% selling for less then $1,000. At the top end only two paintings sold for more then $10,000, three were between $4,000 and $5,000 and eleven came in at the $1,000 to $2,000 range. There were enough paintings in various prices range to cater to any level of Indiana art collector.

Other notable results from the auction include:

10.5x16.5, O/B, Barton Hays, Still Life: Pitcher with Apples, SLR sold for $1000
24x34, O/C, John Zwara, "Pasedena Gate", , SLR 1945 sold for $2400
10x14, O/B, Georges La Chance, "Distant Farm" , , SLR ,sold for $1500
15x20, O/C, John E. Bundy, Richmond Woods , E, SLL, sold for $700
12x16, O/B, Louis Bonsib, Rural Landscape , W, SLR, sold for $600
20x14, O/B, Patricia Rhoden, "Harmony in Light - in White" , SLR, sold for $500
16x20, O/B, Ida Gordon, Brown County Homestead, , SLR, sold for $350
14x22.5,Pen & Ink, Will Vawter, (12) Pen & Ink Drawings "Fortunes in Friendship" Illustrations, sold for $250
6x9, Watercolor, Jerry Smith, Indiana Farm, SLR, , sold for $185
7x8, Etching, Kenneth Reeve, "Homeward Bound" , SLR, sold for $90

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